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Account creation is customer previledge not a compulsion
you can always order with a guest sign in
however having an account shall have the following benefits

  • your billing/shipping information shall be saved
  • you shall be able to view your previous order history

 Color scheming would be close to as shown on website. However there are differences between real and captured images owing to differences in studio camera lighting and rgb color differences with respect to different devices and operating systems being used

The model images of outfits are subject to the lighting and the color schemings of studio picture-taking. The color schemings in the pictures would naturally vary with that of the real world, so it may not turn out to be exactly the same. Moreover, with regards to embellishments on stiched model outfits, those are subject to market availability. We would arrange the same or the closest possible available alternatives for the ready outfit

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine orders or add items to an existing order once the order has been placed

At the moment we are working as an online store only